Eugenia's masterpiece is her beaded jewelry. She combines gemstones, sterling silver, swarovsky crystals, pearls and clay, acrylic, metal beads converting these row materials into lovely pieces of jewelry. Her designs are as much appreciated in the United States as in her natal Spain. She has a very large oeuvre, which is impossible to show in its entirely on this page. Her more than 300 sets of necklaces and earrings, bracelets, watches, belts, bookmarks, key rings and many other assorted pieces of artwork make her extraordinary collection classy and elegant.

Not one of her pieces is repeated. Even if you ask the designer to duplicate one of her works a small detail will be changed, at times hard to discern, but a change will be made to justify the exclusivity of the products. The artist is a specialist in weddings jewelry.

To place an order or contact the artist-crafter, you can personally contact Eugenia Fernandez-Caro through her e-mail or call (703) 598-2029.