About "LA UGE"

About "La Uge"

Eugenia Fernandez-CaroEugenia Fernandez-Caro was born in Madrid, Spain, a country of design and the cradle of modern European architecture. She comes from a family, which values the art. From an early age in the Catholic schools where she was taught, her teachers utilized their capabilities teaching her and molding her innate capacity and skills. They made her experience the pleasure of craftwork and the manual forms of art such as jewelling, sewing, embroidery, painting, etc. After many years of dedicating herself to other activities she decided to resume her old hobbies and work with tin, silver and paper mache, making precious works of art that she maintains in her beloved Spain.

Now in the United States of America, a country where fine craftsmanship, antiques, and hand made goods are appreciated, the artist is proud to offer us her works and products, all of which are made from the finest quality materials and a unique design that stresses the modern European style of modernity, originality and spontaneity typical of the artists of the Old World.